How to fix bootloop on Meizu M5 Note

Solution for Meizu M5 Note bootloop issue

In case you’ve stuck with a bootloop problem and your Meizu M5 Note phone just automatically reboots without entering the system and Recovery mode is not working, you may try following the tutorial below. These method will only work if the “Preloader” file is not corrupted. If your device does not even show you the Meizu logo on startup and your phone is completely hardbricked, then this guide will most probably not work for you. In this case you may try to check out the next post on how to restore and unbrick Meizu M5 Note. Now let’s continue on fixing the bootloop issue on M5 Note device.

Solution for Meizu M5 Note bootloop issue

  1. First of all download and unpack this archive (100.9 Mb).
  2. Install drivers from the “VCOM/PRELOADER” folder.
  3. Start “flash_tool.exe” as administrator from the flashtool folder.
  4. Look for “Download” tab, select “Download Agent” and select “DA_PL.bin” file.
  5. Load scatter file from “Images” folder, click on “Recovery” tab and select recovery.img from “Images” folder. Do not change anything else in “download” tab!
  6. Now press “Download” button.
  7. Connect turned off smartphone to PC and wait until green “Ok” icon to appear.
  8. Now you can flash your device and fix the bootloop issue.

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