How to unlock bootloader on OnePlus 5

Unlock bootloader guide for OnePlus 5 (Cheeseburger)

Here’s a complete starters guide on how you can unlock bootloader on your OnePlus 5 Android smartphone. This guide will be very helpful for those who are trying this for the first time. Please make sure you’re following all steps carefully, in order to avoid any possible problems. Here’s a few things you should pay attention first:

  • Make sure your phone is charged at least for 60%.
  • Enable developer options by tapping a few times on device version in “Settings” > “About phone”. Then go to developer options and enable “USB Debugging”, “OEM Unlock” and “Advanced reboot”.
  • It is also recommended to backup all required data to PC.

Unlock bootloader guide for OnePlus 5 (Cheeseburger)

  1. Download and install all required drivers and ADB tools on your PC. Make sure all drivers are installed correctly!
  2. Reboot into fastboot mode: turn off your device, then press “Volume Up” and “Power” buttons until your phone starts in fastboot.
  3. Open the folder with ADB files and press “shift” key with right mouse button, then select “Open command window here”.
  4. Connect your phone via USB cable.
  5. In the command window type the following command:
    fastboot devices
  6. If everything was done correctly, then you’ll see the device ID number. If not, then try to reinstall drivers or use other USB port.
  7. Now make sure you’ve made a backup of your data, because after the following step we will make a factory reset.
  8. To proceed with unlocking bootloader, type this line and press “Enter”:
    fastboot oem unlock
  9. Confirm that you sure want to unlock the bootloader on your device: use volume buttons to select and press “power” button to confirm.
  10. Your OnePlus 5 phone will reboot and show you security message, then reboot into recovery and make factory reset.
  11. After all manipulations your device should reboot into system.
  12. Now you have unlocked bootloader and can proceed with TWRP installation and then flashing any ROMs on your phone.

How to root OnePlus 5?

Here’s an additional tutorial on how you can easily root your OnePlus smartphone.

  1. First you’ll need to unlock the bootloader and have TWRP Custom Recovery installed on your phone.
  2. Download the app you want to use, this could be SuperSU either Magisk applications.
  3. Copy downloaded app to phone internal memory.
  4. Reboot into recovery. To boot into recovery mode, turn off your phone and press “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons at the same time, until you’ll see OnePlus logo.
  5. It’s recommended to backup your phone while you’re in the recovery mode, just in case of any possible issues. You can backup just “Boot” partition in this case.
  6. Go back to main menu, press “Install” and select previously copied app for root, swipe to confirm installation.
  7. Reboot into system.
  8. You should now have root enabled on your phone.

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