Download firmware ROMs for Oukitel U20 Plus

Oukitel U20 Plus Firmware ROM Download Links

In this post you’ll find download links for both official and custom ROMs for Oukitel U20 Plus Android smartphone. Also we’ll list the required drivers and tools.

Oukitel U20 Plus Firmware ROM Download Links

Official Android 6.0 Firmware ROM for Oukitel U20 Plus

V162TA.OQ.OUKITEL.U20.HB.FHD.SSXSJS5.1210.V3.03: Download

V162TA.OQ.OUKITEL.U20.HB.FHD.SSXSJS5.1226.V3.07: Download

V162TA.OQ.OUKITEL.U20.HB.FHD.SSXSJS5.0209.V3.10: Download

V162TA.OQ.OUKITEL.U20.HB.FHD.SSXSJS5MA.0329.V3.14: TWRP Version | SP FlashTool version

For SP FlashTool, upgrade your device with all data backup, select “Download only” mode, remove “userdata” tick. Otherwise, use “firmware upgrade”, this will lead to full factory reset and remove of all data. Pay attention! Do not use “Format All + Download” mode, this way IMEI and other important settings will be deleted!

As for TWRP, simply install new ROM as archive. Wipes are optional.

Unofficial Custom Firmware ROM for Oukitel U20 Plus

Resurection Remix 5.8 x64 for Oukitel U20 Plus

  • Android 7.1.1 x64
  • Kernel 3.18.19+

Stable and very fast ROM. Battery life is better than in stock ROM. Camera is not working.


crDroid 7.1.1 x64 for Oukitel U20 Plus

Hybrid ROM version, everything works except Camera stock application.

Google Plus Community


oPixel ROM for Oukitel U20 Plus

Modification of V162TA.OQ.OUKITEL.U20.HB.FHD.SSXSJS5MA.0329.V3.14 ROM version.


Drivers for Oukitel U20 Plus

PC Drivers for Oukitel U20 Plus:

SP FlashTool:

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