Download Firmware ROMs for Elephone S7

Elephone S7 Firmware ROMS

In this post you’ll find download links for Officially released and Custom made firmware ROM files for Elephone S7 Android Smartphone. Pay attention that there are two different device versions: 4GB and 3GB models. They’re using different ROMS.

Download Official and Custom Firmware ROMS for Elephone S7

Official Android 7 Firmware ROM for Elephone S7

  • The first stable Android 7.1.1 release.
  • System is well optimized and runs very smoothly.

Download here: 

4GB Version:

3GB Version:

Before updating or flashing your Elephone S7 device manually, always make backups of important data! Save everything you need to the PC or other device available.
When flashing with Flashtool, make sure to select the software installation mode “Firmware Upgrade” otherwise you will most probably get some random bugs.

Official Android 6 Firmware ROMs for Elephone S7

4GB version (x20 & x25 CPU):

3GB version:

Download custom ROMs for Elephone S7

LineageOS 13.0 for Elephone S7 3G and 4G

Main features:

  1. Device charges much faster.
  2. Custom kernel with many fixes.
  3. Fast, clean, smooth and most importantly – a highly customizable interface.
  4. Fully open source code and very frequent updates.
  5. Possibility to install themes.
  6. Perfectly working fingerprint scanner.
  7. And many other great features.

Download here

Download Custom Kernel for Elephone S7

ElementalX Kernel for Elephone S7: Official website

Stock kernel source files: GitHub

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