Download New Custom ROMs for ZTE Axon 7

Download latest Custom ROMs on ZTE Axon 7

Below you’ll find download links for the latest Custom ROMs for ZTE Axon 7 smartphone. Continue reading to find step by step tutorials on how to install different Custom ROM versions on Axon 7 device.

Download and install latest Custom ROMs on ZTE Axon 7

We divided this list for US/EU and Chinese phone models. To install Custom ROM you’ll need to have unlocked bootloader and TWRP Custom Recovery installed on your phone.

Custom ROM for ZTE Axon 7 / (A2017) / China version

Universal EURO-ROM for ZTE Axon 7

Pay attention these ROMs are for (A2017) / China device version.

Download from Android FileHost

How to install?

  1. In case data partition is encrypted on your phone, then boot into TWRP > “Wipe” > “Data format”. This will delete all data from your phone.
  2. Download EURO-ROM and Universal BootStack to phone internal memory or SD-card.
  3. Boot into TWRP Custom Recovery > go to “Wipe”, swipe to confirm and get back to main menu.
  4. Go to “Install” Menu and install Universal Bootstack first, reboot your phone. The microcode should be updated and you’ll see a blank screen.
  5. Now boot into custom recovery once again by pressing “Power” and “Volume Up” buttons at the same time. Now install the ROM .zip archive and swipe to confirm.
  6. To update installed ROM, you’ll need to download new version and simply install it once again via TWRP Custom Recovery.

Android 7.1.2 Custom ROMs for ZTE Axon 7

  • Download Lineage OS 14.1 for Axon 7 | Download
  • Download ResurrectionRemix N for Axon 7 | Download
  • Download Bliss Roms for Axon 7 | Download
  • Download Android Ice Cold Project (AICP) for Axon 7 | Download
  • Download Android Open Kang Projekt (AOKP) for Axon 7 | Download
  • Download Mokee 71.2 for Axon 7 | Download
  • Download AOSP Extended ROM for Axon 7 | Download

How to install Android 7 Custom ROM on ZTE Axon 7?

Here’s a very basic tutorial on how to install Lineage OS and AOSP based custom ROM. This method will work for every Axon 7 model.

  1. Boot into TWRP Custom Recovery and go to “Wipe” > Swipe to confirm.
  2. Install Universal Bootstack and decline auto reboot.
  3. Go back to install menu and flash Custom ROM version you want.
  4. Install Gapps and SuperSU (optionally) and reboot into system.
  5. In case the ROM doesn’t starting, simply reboot once again by pressing “Power” button.

In case you’re required to enter “Android password”:

Boot into TWRP > Wipe> Additional > and select “/data” > Change file system and select “EXT4”, then reboot.

Download TWRP 3.1.1-0 for ZTE Axon 7 / (A2017) / China version

Latest version of Official TWRP Custom Recovery.

Download: twrp-3.1.1-0-ailsa_ii.img

Custom ROM for ZTE Axon 7 / A2017G / A2017U / US & EU

  • Download AOSP Extended ROM for Axon 7 | Download
  • Download LineageOS 14.1 ROM for ZTE Axon 7 | XDA Thread
  • Download Resurrection Remix N 5.8.2 for Axon 7 | Download

One Comment on “Download New Custom ROMs for ZTE Axon 7”

  1. I have a problem: my axon 7 a2017g is locket with an error to decript the files: I had a full wipe on internal storage (the system parts also).
    I did the factory reset, but it don’t work. Next I have delete data, cache, delvk cache, but the error persists.
    I did exactly as you wrote, but the recovery isn’t the 3.1.1-0. I have the 3.0.N1-1.
    I have bricked? When i power on the device work on boot.
    How to fix?

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