How to Check Device ID on Meizu M6 Note

Find device ID on Meizu M6Note

Here’s a quick method for Meizu phone owners. Just to make clear, this was tested on Meizu M6 Note, but most probably will work on other device models as well. So, in case you wonder on how to check your phone unique ID number, follow the simple steps below.

Find device ID on Meizu M6 smartphone

  1. Enable and open Meizu stock root.
  2. Download and install Terminal Emulator from Play Market.
  3. Type and enter:
  4. Enable root for Terminal Emulator.
  5. Next type the following command:
    cat /dev/block/mmcblk0p50
  6. You’ll see ID number. If you’ve got “72101001”, this is a Chinese ID.

Second method:

  1. Open stock root.
  2. Download and install any explorer app with root access.
  3. Use explore app and go to “/dev/block/”.
  4. Open “mmcblk0p50” file with a text editor.
  5. In result you’ll see device ID.

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