Guide on how to flash Meizu Android Smartphones

Universal Flashing Guidance for Meizu Smartphones

Meizu is quite popular Android smartphone around world. They’ve developer and released many quite popular devices. In this post we will show you three different methods on how you can flash your Meizu phone, for example Meizu M3s, Meizu MX4, Meizu M5, Meizu M2 Mini and pretty much every other model, including the latest one. Please pay attention, that authors are not responsible for any problems, so read the guide carefully and don’t forget to backup your data!

Universal Flashing Guidance for Meizu Smartphones

First of all you’ll need to download ROM version for your phone model. Pay attention, that even this tutorial is universal for every Meizu phone, you’ll still need to download the ROM version which is for your exact device model.

First method of flashing Meizu phone

  1. Copy download ROM “” file to phone internal memory.
  2. Open file manager on your phone.
  3. Find and click on file.
  4. Optionally select “Clear data” to wipe “System”, “Cache” and “Data” partitions. The photos, videos, music and other documents will be not deleted in this case.
  5. Flashing should start.

Flashing Meizu phone without PC

  1. Copy ROM .zip archive file “” to your phone internal memory.
  2. Turn off your Meizu smartphone.
  3. Press and hold “Power” + “Volume Up” buttons to boot into recovery mode.
  4. Now select “Clear data” and press “Next”.
  5. Continue to flashing.

Flashing Meizu smartphone with PC

  1. Turn off your Meizu phone.
  2. Press and hold “Power” + “Volume Up” buttons to boot into recovery mode.
  3. Connect your phone to PC and check for “G:\recovery” folder.
  4. Copy “” ROM .zip archive to “G:\recovery”.
  5. After you’ve copied the ROM file, disconnect your device from PC.
  6. Continue to flashing!

How to downgrade ROM on Meizu phone?

You can downgrade ROM version on your Meizu device by using any of the methods above. Third method is recommended. The only thing you’ll need to pay attention when you install the older ROM version is that you must wipe data & cache. Anyways, the success is pretty much depends on the currently installed ROM version. Downgrade will most probably work from the stock ROM.

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